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what colour is girls cum - Whats Cum Over Me

The colour of semen. Much can be seen in the quality of men’s sperm and much can also be seen by the colour of the seminal fluid that sperm are carried in. While semen is typically a whitish-gray colour, there are some instances when semen may appear as a different colour, which is commonly yellow. A yellow-colored ejaculation can cause anyone to get alarmed. Normally, semen is whitish to a light gray in color. It is usually quite thick but tends to liquefy within 20 to 30 minutes. Changes in its appearance or color are usually temporary and not often a cause for concern.

From what i have been reading, it says most female ejaculate is either clear or a milky color. Is it possible for it to be a slight yellowish color? Before anyone says anything, I am % positive. Cum or female ejaculate is produced in the Skene's glands, (These glands are located in a woman's urethra) and i is the urethra that secretes the fluid that is female cum. The colour .

Okay everyone, it's time to talk about female ejaculation - because it's not as mysterious as many would like to believe. Scientists have found evidence that women who 'squirt' are expelling one of two different types of liquid - one pure urine, and the other a combination of urine and fluid from the female prostate gland. Normal discharge often appears white in color. It has no odor and it is harmless. Abnormal discharge, on the other hand, may appear brown, green or yellow in color or even bloody. It may also be accompanied by a foul smell, which is a sign of bacterial or yeast infection.

Color of semen, sperm, or cum when it is on clothing my semen color turned yellowish a few months ago, I don't have pain during ejaculation or urination Discoloured sperm, WHY? His semen looks like gray mucous what is the normal semen colour?? his semen is always sticky and colorless, could that be an infertility sign? what does sperm look like. It is mostly white colored but some are yellow or brownish, more or less transparent, more or less sticky Quantity can also differ quite much. Don’t worry – you’re just fine.

Semen colour warning: What THESE three shades mean for your health SEMEN colour can indicate how healthy a man is, with some shades a possible sign of .