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As you do, keep one thing in mind: Eros was no flimsy magazine. According to The New York Times, it was a “stunningly designed hardcover ‘magbook’,” covering “a wide swath of sexuality in history, politics, art and literature” and featuring articles by the likes of Nat Hentoff. Eros is a seminal, but somewhat overlooked by a wider public, magazine, which broke taboos, rattled some nerves and made a few enemies. Eros .

Eros Magazine: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Hardcover – Box set, January 1, by Ralph Ginzburg (Editor) Eros Magazine published only these four issues before Mr. Ginzburg was convicted and imprisoned following a notorious obscenity case pertaining to the magazine. Eros Magazine In , Ginzburg began publication of his first major work, Eros, which was a quarterly hardbound periodical containing articles and photo-essays on love and sex. Herb Lubalin was the art director and second on the masthead. It was named after the Greek god of love and desire, Eros.

En Eros Magazine queremos celebrar el Año Lunar Chino junto a Miliorkis, con su espectacular figura celebramos el Año del Buey de Oro. El gramófono erótico que sedujo a Picasso y Dalí.