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It is totally safe for a nursing mom to get a tattoo. Tattoo ink is too large a molecule to make it into breast milk, so your baby has no way of being exposed to it. It's also very important to follow the after-care instructions, such as cleaning the area effectively and using antibiotic gels. Be on. Jan 31,  · So can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding. Tattoo ink molecules are too large to pass into breast milk. However, if you plan on getting a tattoo while breastfeeding there is a low risk of getting an infection. It is essential to take care of the area and follow the advice of the tattooist. You will not be able to donate milk if you got a.

Jan 24,  · A tattoo is a great way to commemorate a special time or event in your life. And lots of women choose to memorialize their breastfeeding relationship Author: Jayme Kennedy. Hey Guys!This video is for all the people (specially women) who want to know the truth behind this "misconception".I thought this video quite a long time, an.

There is no rule or safety regulation against getting a tattoo while breastfeeding and the ink is sealed within the top layer of skin and should be unable to get into your milk supply because the molecules are too big to pass through. The primary risk involved is the potential for infection of the mother’s skin. Dec 29,  · While adverse effects of tattoos on breastfeeding mothers are not yet proved, the already existing risks are as good a reason as any to wait before getting a tattoo. Mothers should not only take into account the infection risks, but also the risks of heavy metals finding their ways into the bloodstream and therefore into breast milk.

Sep 10,  · There is little evidence surrounding the safety of tattoos and breastfeeding. While the act of having a tattoo placed will not affect the breastfeeding relationship itself, it is unknown whether the inks used may pass into breastmilk especially during laser removal. Carefully weigh your options and seek out a professional tattoo artist. Mar 19,  · There are no regulations against breastfeeding with tattoos. The placement of tattoos does not increase any risks when breastfeeding, even if they’re on your breasts. The tattoo ink is Author: Natalie Silver.

Nov 24,  · Breastfeeding with tattoos is a personal choice. There is no evidence to prove that it affects breastfeeding in a negative or positive way. There is always the possibility that whatever you put into your baby can affect your baby. It is important to know that if you do decide to get a tattoo, ensure that the technician is certified to do it. Nov 12,  · Tips For Tattooing While Breast Feeding. Cannot resist the urge of getting a tattoo during breastfeeding? Not a problem. Follow these tips: Avoid getting tattoos done on the chest or breasts as it may not be possible to take care of the tattoo in those areas while nursing. Use natural products as they are safer.