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Burlington Northern Railroad E9Am seriously departing Union Station in Chicago, Illinois on an unknown day in June , Fujichrome by Chuck Zeiler. In about a quarter mile this hogger has to shut the locomotive down and negotiate a 20 mph, 90 degree turn in the rails to Union Avenue Interlocking, so I assume he's blowing out the cylinders. Re: Burlington Northern's Pacific Zip Author: Dick It was 50 hours (9 a.m. to a.m. at Seattle) at a time when the next fastest freight to the Pacific northwest on BN was 55 1/2 hours.

In the summer of , the Burlington Northern Cabin was constructed on top of the existing Ski Chalet. Burlington Northern Foundation and local Burlington Northern employees provided the materials and labor. The upper level serves as overnight accommodations for campers. The Brainerd Jaycees has since adopted this cabin. GP20 roster text by David Lotz © Burlington Route Historical Society. Roster compiled from Bernard G. Corbin's "the Burlington in Transition" and Robert C. Del Grosso's "Burlington Northern Annual," "The Burlington Northern Railroad in " and current data from Matthew J. Frahm, John B. Lee and David Lotz.

Jan 15,  · The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) today transported the first unit train of burned timber salvaged from the devastating forest fires that struck the White Mountain Apache reservation in “It took a great deal of teamwork and coordination to support the salvage effort,” says Dick Krase, BNSF manager of. May 15,  · Louis W. Menk, the former railroad telegrapher and year railroad veteran who has been chairman since of Burlington Northern Inc., the railroad and natural resources company, said yesterday.

Aug 18, - Through the end of the s and into the early s, Burlington Northern was well known for maintaining it fleet of freight-hauling F-units on the main lines and branch lines of Washington state. Oct 16,  · Northern Pacific was reorganized into Burlington Northern Railroad in , and by the early s its local workforce had shrunk substantially. The company finally shuttered the Livingston shops in , laying off or transferring the last workers. Hundreds of union jobs evaporated. Houses sat on the market. Businesses folded.

Oct 21,  · Burlington Northern Inc., the large railroad company, announced yesterday that it would distribute its shares in its new resources unit to holders on Dec. 31 and named new chief executives for. Burlington Northern Railroad GP35 at Cicero, Illinois on an unknown day in April , Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. This locomotive was built in April as SLSF (c/n ) on EMD Order , an order for 16 GP35's (#'s ).