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The Adult Alternative Measures Program (AMP) is one program that is a vailable to divert accused away from the traditional criminal justice system. Alternative measures programs have great potential to enhance both the efficiency and quality of the criminal justice process and should, accordingly, be encouraged. The government of Ontario should establish an adult diversion policy in order to minimize the .

Diversion programs provide an alternative to prosecution. These programs are offered in courthouses throughout Ontario. Each courthouse has different diversion programs, with different eligibility requirements. Some diversion programs are very formal and structured, such as Mental Health Diversion or Extra Judicial Sanctions offered in Youth Court. This topic discusses the use of the Extrajudicial Measures (EJM) and Extrajudicial Sanctions (EJS) programs in dealing with youth who are in conflict with the Justice System for minor offences. The program is an alternative to the formal court process and helps the young person avoid a Youth Criminal Record.

Sections to [alternate measures – types of records] apply only in respect of persons who have been dealt with by alternative measures, regardless of the degree of their compliance with the terms and conditions of the alternative measures. , c. 22, s. 6. [annotation(s) added] –. May 29,  · The Alternative Measures Program (AMP) is a solution for first time offenders to accept responsibility for the implications of their criminal offense. The purpose of AMP is to help people who have had little to no charges (less than two dated offences) in the criminal justice system and give them a second chance by accepting the responsibility.

to the Alternative Measures Program? Section of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) allows for the use of Alternative Measures for adults when: • the person is 18 years of age or older (there is a separate program for youth between the ages of who are in conflict with the law called Extrajudicial Sanctions);. Apr 01,  · What is Alternative Measures? Alternative Measures is a program that diverts adults from the criminal court system while still holding them accountable for a criminal code offence. Who decides if my charge can go Alternative Measures? On PEI, the Police and/or Cown Attorney’s office makes the referral for an Alternative Measure.

Under the Program, adult offenders charged with certain criminal offences can take responsibility for their actions and settle the dispute that brought them into the justice system, following an alternative route that does not involve the usual court proceedings prescribed by the Criminal Code. Diversion or Alternative Measure Programs, Extra Judicial Measures Maureen Currie is often successful in getting the charges you are facing withdrawn on the basis of a diversionary program. In Ontario, the adult diversion program is referred to as “Diversion”, “Alternative Measures Program” or .