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Jan 18,  · The Mickey Mouse Club premiered in , and the young Mousketeers (not to mention host and songwriter Jimmie Dodd) became household names. The kids were grouped into three "teams" — Red, White and Blue — and the Red Team went on to become the principal players of the show. Nov 18,  · In honor of Mickey Mouse’s birthday (November 18, ), this post will be about the original Mickey Mouse Club Television Show. The show was created by Walt Disney and produced by the Walt Disney Company and was shown on the ABC television .

The Mouseketeers were a group of children that starred in all 3 incarnations of The Mickey Mouse Club. The s Mouseketeers There were 39 mouseketeers in total during this incarnation. (42 if you count the three adult leaders) Front row; L–R: Annette Funicello, Karen Pendleton, Cubby O'Brien, Sherry Alberoni, Dennis Day. Apr 16,  · The 'Mickey Mouse Club' Original Mouseketeers The original Mickey Mouse Club aired from to and starred an array of talented youngsters, many of whom still perform and reunite today. The cast included 39 kids and three adults, and the show was aimed at children ages three to

Apr 01,  · Roy took part in a very brief three to four minute on-camera appearance for the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder in January 21, , that had six of the original Mouseketeers as guests. Nov 21,  · Lonnie Burr is an actor, dancer, singer, author, and one of the stars of the original Mickey Mouse Club from to The year-old Kentucky native signed a seven-year contract with Walt Disney Studios as one of 24 original Mouseketeers, and he was a member of the show’s first string unit.

Dec 15,  · Mouseketeers, Alive and Dead. Last updated: 15 December This is a list of Mousketeers from the 's Mickey Mouse Club shows. The "Actors and Actresses" category in our main data base mainly lists the Mousketeers who were on the show for three seasons, and/or those who became famous afterward.