New girl to the industry Sabrina Starr - adult tricycle industrial


adult tricycle industrial - New girl to the industry Sabrina Starr

Adult tricycles come in many types and styles, we have three wheel bikes for people as young a five years old, industrial bicycles and Tricycles for factory type uses, adult tricycles for fun and exercise, Special Needs trikes, and trike with weight capacity of up to Lbs. Recumbents, Recumbents, Recumbents are the next big thing in trikes. Husky is the first in the industry to make a tricycle with 25mm Rear axle supported with industrial grade pillow block sealed bearings, allowing the tricycle to carry up to lbs. of weight (including rider's weight). This model is shipped 65% pre-assembled in two cartons.

Our Husky TC Industrial Tricycle is an economical, safe and efficient means of transportation in the workplace. The TC is fun to ride, stable, and offers excellent handling. This model comes with a rear steel cabinet 20" x 15" x 16" with a locking latch and heavy duty 24" 2-piece steel frame is connected using large heavy.