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Jul 18,  · The majority of adult learners also work while in college, many of them full time. One study from the National Center for Education Statistics found that more than 80 percent of adult learners said they worked while enrolled. Fifty-six percent of adult learners said they viewed themselves as workers first and students . College Student Retention: Formula for Student Success & Minority Student Retention: The Best of the Journal of College Student Retention. Recipient: Walden University Richard W. Riley College .

21 rows · College Reading and Study Skills Embedded in Learning Communities (MS Word, . Jun 22,  · Adult learners, or college students aged 25 and older, are typically referred to as “nontraditional students,” in contrast to their younger, “traditional” student peers. But that’s an oversimplification of “tradition.” Adult students have long been an important part of the college student .

For purposes of persistence and retention, the adult degree-seeking undergraduate student is key to the success of the institution because these individuals outperform non-degree and pre-nursing students in the areas of retention . Research on Adult Learners: Supporting the Needs of a.