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step 3b. touch the spectrobe detail icon in the Incubator, the thing to zoom in on the spectrobe step 4. pick spectrobe step 5. touch the touch the spectrobe step screen for next step (must have the Zeta cube for evolving Adult spectrobes) step 7. scratch the egg-shaped casing on the screen with your stylus. step 8. Spectrobe will replace your 3rd support spectrobe. They will have all the stats and will be the same level. If you put a child spectrobe code then use a level 1 child that you excavated and use evolve mineral on it. If you use an adult spectrobe code then use an adult spectrobe .

Adult Spectrobes make up most of a Spectrobe Master's team, and are very useful in a fight. Evolved forms are extremely powerful, and usually have more abilities or attacks in a battle. The last Form, Ultimate, cannot be obtained from evolution. That form is applied to Spectrobes found within a Geo. Ultimate Spectrobes are summoned when needed. Combat actively incorporates the motion technology of the controllers in a refreshing twist where a simple swing of the remote commands your adult spectrobe to attack, while a tilt .

Spectrobes puts you in charge of a mission that could save the galaxy! Two junior Interplanetary Patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, learn of strange, prehistoric creatures with strange powers called Spectrobes. Azenor Cacti (Adult Spectrobe, Corona, Custom Color 2, Custom Part) IOB: Bakuraiya Wolve (Secret Spectrobe, Flash) GBM: Cosmo Plasma Blaster (Blaster, ATK , Single-shot, Non-tracking, Explosive) BDJ: Cyclone Geo (requires game completion) HCI: Defense Seed (Mineral, raises a Spectrobe's Max Def) CLS: Dendama Spiko (Adult.

Adult forms should have been called Teen forms, and Evolved should have been Called Adult. Adult (成体 Seitai) Spectrobes are the second forms in the Spectrobe's evolution line, evolved from their Child form. As an Adult, the Spectrobe can fight in battles. In the first and second games, the Spectrobe's stats can only be viewed once it becomes an Adult.

Azenor Cacti; Adult Spectrobe; Corona; Custom Color 2; Custom Part: IOB: Bakuraiya Wolve; Secret Spectrobe; Flash: GBM: barrier sword adds to def+atk stats: abn: Defense Seed; Mineral; Raises a Spectrobe's Max Def. CLS: Dendama Spiko; Adult Spectrobe; Aurora: LFP: Evolve B; Mineral; Reduces number of battles needed for. Hone the skills of your adult and evolved form Spectrobes and battle enemies in real-time combat. For the first time in Spectrobes franchise history battle as either Rallen or Jeena and master each hero's skills in single player or co-op mode. Awaken, train and command over different types of Spectrobes.