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Adult Diapers. Diaper-Style with Tabs (Briefs) Pull-Up Style (Underwear) Liners & Guards (Pads) Wipes Booster Pads (Diaper Inserts) Underpads & Bed Pads Waterproof Covers Printed Adult Diapers (Briefs) New Products Shop For. Adult Diapers Salk Sani-Pant Pull-On Waterproof Cover-Ups. Sani-Pant Pull-On Waterproof Cover-Up by Salk is a popular percent waterproof cover designed to prevent leaks onto furniture and clothing. An updated version of traditional plastic Brand: Salk.

These vinyl pants or adult diaper covers are worn over top of your disposable adult diaper or protective underwear providing for a more snug fit and to catch any leakage that may occur . Adult Diaper Covers, Wateroof Plastic Pants | bustys.xyz

An adult diaper cover or waterproof plastic pant goes over the top of other adult diapers. It is used to catch any excess fluid that the underlying diaper doesn't catch. There are vinyl, polyurithane, polyester, and nylon adult diaper .