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The way the correspondence courses work is simple: An inmate finds out about the course either through word of mouth or materials provided to the prison. He writes in to start a course. . Correspondence Courses - The Learning Centres.

Correspondence courses are available to students who are 18 years of age or older and are not enrolled full time in a secondary school program. Correspondence courses are offered as either hard copy . EMMAUS WORLDWIDE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL. Join us on the Emmaus Road! All Courses Mile Marker 1 – The Emmaus Road. $ 3 Courses; All Courses The Story of the King. 47 Lessons $ All Courses The Bible — What's In It For You? (1) average rating 25 Lessons $ All Courses .

Education for prisoners is at their own expense through distance education courses or studies completed through U.S. mail. While the case for prison education is clear, with many proven benefits for .