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Skills Training: Skills Training is a cognitive behavioral therapy exercise designed to remedy skills deficits, and works through modeling, direct instruction, and role-plays. The most common subjects of skills training are social skills training, assertiveness training, and communication training. Loumidis () adapted social problem-solving training to include components with a cognitive emphasis on behavioural and emotional adjustment and a focus on generalisation across situations during sessions and everyday life. This program was evaluated on a sample of 46 adults .

• Training PST sessions with actual clients 9. • Problem solving skills • Clinical applications of social problem solving explored in early disability when compared to ST among older adults with cognitive File Size: 2MB. Social problem-solving training in combination with social skills training was suc- cessful in improving the ratings of personal–social responsibility of 33 adults with.

Problem Solving Skills: What Are They? The program uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to teach techniques in managing thoughts and feelings, and interacting appropriately with others. Specific techniques include modeling, .

Dec 12,  · No matter who you are, your problem-solving abilities depend on the core cognitive skills you use every day. Cognitive training helps you hone those skills so you can accomplish more in the day-to-day of your professional life. Let’s take a closer look at those skills. Cognitive training makes you better at solving problems .