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These circle lenses are extremely popular in Asia and the trend has been picking up all over the world now. Most anime fans love to have eyes like their favorite characters and everybody knows that how expressive and clear are the eyes drawn by artists in animes. If you want to pull of this specifc look, then the doll eye contacts are for you. As promised, here is part II of lens madness! This time I received a wonderful package from S2Janie of bustys.xyz containing EOS Adult lenses in Grey. She is a great resource for buying circle lenses (colored contact lenses that enlarge your iris) and her shipping was safe and fast, plus she gives out freebies!

Okkaaaay. So this review is going to be two reviews.I won Uniqso's I Love Big Eyes giveaway last month. I won 2 pairs of circle lenses. Uniqso was actually really awesome last month and ended up giving 6 people prizes as opposed to the normal 3 they do every other bustys.xyz lenses I chose off of their site were the Blytheye grey and Puffy 3 tone blue. Visit bustys.xyz to learn more about contact lenses. Visit bustys.xyz to learn more about the benefits of LASIK. Visit bustys.xyz to learn more about cataracts, try our vision simulator, and take our lifestyle quiz to understand more about treatment options and which lenses might be the right choice for you.

I only owned GEO lenses previous to these, but was always curious about the EOS brand, and the Adults, especially. They are VERY comfortable. Easily the most comfortable circle lenses I own. I wore my Adult Grays for 9+ hours with no problems other than the inevitable slight dryness and slight blurring due to dryness. Brand: DollyEye Origin: South Korea Water content: 38% Diameter: mm Base Curve: Duration: One Year Disposable * For Hygiene Purpose, you’re suggested to change your circle lenses every 3mths.”.

LensVillage is an online colored contact store carrying more than models of colored contacts. Shop Korean circle lenses, halloween contacts and sharingan contacts and more! We are official authorised distributor of Geo Medical lens, iFairy, Dueba, Vassen, ColourVue colored contact lenses. A review on EOS Adult Violet circle lenses. Circle lenses are colored contacts which give an enlarging look to the iris for a bright, dolly look. Purchase lenses at *****bustys.xyzaradise**** These lenses were provided by *****bustys.xyzaradise**** for review and can be purchased there. Please visit *****bustys.xyzdtotoe**** for more beauty, fashion, and reviews!

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